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Cantate Domino

SATB or SSAA with Percussion

Song of Praise based on Psalm 96:1-4.

This praise song came to me when I was grocery shopping!  Came back home and had it written out that evening. 

It's a lot of fun to sing, and adds joy to any worship experience!

Tags: SATB  SSAA  Praise

Canticle of the Sun

Mixed Chorus with Piano

This work, Canticle of the Sun, is dedicated to Father Richard Rohr, OFM, who is the founder and animator of The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The text is based on a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi, which is a Song of Praise:

Canticle of the Sun

Most high, almighty Lord God,
Praise, glory, honor and blessing are Yours.

Praise with all creation for our Brother Sun, who brings the light of day.
In him we see Your splendor.

Praise for our Brother Wind, for air and clouds, calms and storms, through which You cherish all life.

Praise for our Sister Water so useful, lowly, precious and pure.
Praise for our Brother Fire, who lightens the darkness.
How beautiful and playful, full of power and strength.

Praise for our Mother Earth who sustains and keeps us, bringing forth fruits and flowers and grass.
Praise for those who grant forgiveness and peacefully endure, for You will crown them in Glory.
Praise for our Sister Death. Blessed are those who die within Your grace.

Praise and Bless the Lord!
Give thanks and humbly serve the Lord!

Tags: SATB  Praise