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I Live My Life in Growing Orbits

Mixed Chorus with Four Hand Piano

This composition was commissioned by The Chequamegon Area Choir, Washburn, WI, and premiered on April 9, 1994.
Dedication: Lucy Culver, Lois Franson, Lester Fry, Ragna Holman, Carol Janicek, Wentworth Quast, Thelma Weber, and all who contribute to the life of The Chequamegon Area Choir, in the past, during the present, and into the future.

I was given this poem by one of the choir members, and was inspired by its depth and grandeur.  To be honest, the music wrote itself; I was just along for the ride.  This is a great concert closer, which was the case for the Thomas Circle Singers, who were so kind to share their magnificent recording. Listen to the Premiere Recording

I Live My Life in Growing Orbits

I live my life in growing orbits,
which move out over the things of the world.
Perhaps I can never achieve the last,
but that will be my attempt.

I am circling around God, around the ancient tower,
and I have been circling for a thousand years,
and I still don't know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
or a great song.

RAINER MARIA RILKE (translated by Robert Bly)
Used with permission by Harper Collins Publisher.

Tags: SATB  Large Work